Weld-On Level Gauges

Designed and Made in Italy

This type of level gauge is designed to be welded on to the tank and withstand the pressure inside it.
It is made from both carbon steel and stainless steel and can take reflex and transparent glasses.

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In order to prevent warping or distortions while the level gauge is in service, the technician tasked with installing the product must reinforce the wall of the tank where the gauge is to be welded on.

For visible lengths exceeding 320 mm, we recommend welding additional gauges on different axes to avoid weakening the tank structure.

During welding operations (which must only be carried out prior to gauge assembly), special care must be taken to avoid exposing the weld-on base to high temperatures for long periods of time as this may comprise the resistance of the gauge when in operation.

Reflex glasses are recommended as they improve visibility.

Download data sheet - PDF


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