Glass Tube Level Gauges

Designed and Made in Italy

Level gauges with a glass tube are an inexpensive but valid option for checking the level of non-hazardous or non-reactive fluids in unpressurised tanks.
An external metal protection of the glass tube is recommended.

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Available configurations:

Borosilicate glass tube

  • Diameter: 16 mm; thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Centre-to-centre distance with a single tube: 3000 mm
  • Visible length (without protection): centre-to-centre distance - 95 mm
  • Visible length (with protection): centre-to-centre distance - 135 mm
  • Spare glass tube: centre-to-centre distance - 30 mm
  • Spare protection: centre-to-centre distance - 100 mm

In the event of greater centre-to-centre distances, additional pipes can be connected up via middle terminals for glass tube.

Operating limits / Conditions:


  • Max. pressure: 5 bar @ 38°C (the max. pressure also depends on the length and temperature)
  • Max. temperature: 120°C

The product is NOT suitable for use in the following instances:

  • if it is likely to be exposed to vibrations (glass tube will break)
  • if the installation is situated by a walkway (possibility of blows/impact)
  • if exposed to steam (shortens glass tube life)

Download data sheet - PDF


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