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Magnetic Level Gauges

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Magnetic level gauge indicates the level of fluid inside a tank by using the magnetic properties of its elements.

A by-pass (which mainly consists of a tube longer than the fluid range) is connected to the tank containing the fluid whose level is to be measured.
A float containing a magnet moves up and down the tube, and its position determines the tank fluid level (the level is clearly indicated by red and white markers).
Variation in fluid level causes the float to move and the float magnet then makes the roller display (which also contains a magnet) rotate.
Red markers are normally shown in the part of the tank holding the fluid and white markers in the part containing the gas/steam.

Magnetic level gauges are built exclusively according to the centre-to-centre distance specified by the customer.
The reading length usually matches the centre-to-centre distance.
The roller display reading point and the height of the level switches can be adjusted quickly and easily thanks to specially designed clamping brackets.
The simple mounting principle means that electronic accessories can be fitted to the gauge at a later stage.
The materials used to manufacture the gauges differ depending on their intended use.
Given that the level gauge works as a result of its magnetic properties, no ferromagnetic materials have been used in its construction.
The standard model features an AISI 316L stainless steel tube and float, but there are various alternatives: synthetic polymer, special alloy or PTFE lined tubes, as well as titanium, PVDF, PVC, PTFE or PP floats.
DIESSE also offers a wide range of optional accessories, including: shut-off valves, drain valves, vent valves, calibrated scale, bistable switches and level transmitters (described later on in the catalogue).

Magnetic level gauges are suitable for a wide range of applications and are a perfect alternative to glass level gauges if the latter cannot be used safely.

They are particularly recommended:foto magnetico serb
. in cases where a particularly accurate fluid level reading is not necessary

. in cases where the maximum pressure and temperature values exceed those listed in the technical specifications of the glasses

. if remote readings have to be taken (e.g. if the level gauge is positioned above or a considerable distance away from the observer's position

. if continuous readings using a remote gauge situated some distance away from the system are necessary

. if one or more signals (i.e. alarm signals) are required to indicate various tank liquid levels

. if the centre-to-centre distance exceeds 3 metres

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